Works 2017-2016

Coscienza di classe

Title: Class consciousness
Technique and support: acrylic on treated paper;
cloth elemnti; metal elements; cardboard
Size: 39 (W) x 50 (H) cm

Portraits of women

Title: Portraits of women
Technique and support: acrylic on canvas
Dimension: 100 (W) x50 (H) cm

Metamorphosis of nature

Title: Metamorphosis of nature
Technique and support: acrylic on glued cardboard
on the table; glued metal elements
Size: 32 (W) x41 (H) cm

Lavoratrice meccanica a cottimo

Title: Piece-length mechanical worker
Technique and support: acrylic on cardboard
treated and glued on wood fiber material;
metal elements, jute and glued plastic
Dimension: 30 (W) x39 (H) cm


Waitress at the table

Title: Waitress at the table
Technique and support: Acrylic on paper on cardboard
glued on the table; metal elements glued on the
Dimension: 30 (W) x40 (H) cm

Fall in love

Title: Fall in love
Technique and support: Tempera on intel cardboard,
with glued elements of fabric
Dimension: 34 (W) x49 (H) cm


Old age

Title : Old ageSigns of past history; proceed having in mind the story.

Technique and support: wood table and treated
painted with glued metal elements
Dimension: 10 (L) x76 (H) cm.



Technique and support:   watercolor, on glued paper
on cardboard and jute. Elements of glued cloth
Dimension: 34 (W) x49 (H) cm