Another art site, with works by Pinato Alessandro

Graduated in electronic engineering in Padua.

I make compositions related to the themes of poor art and abstractionism.

The compositions I make, always start from emotions that I discover in front of objects or even materials, that I transform with colors, drawings, or various manipulations, looking for appropriate forms in order to give visibility to something hidden that I try to see, and that I try to associate with themes dear to me, such as the end of existence, the balance of nature, work understood as a social relationship, the fetishes of today’s society.


Exhibition at the AccorsiArte Gallery of Venice in August 2018

Participation in the Caput Mundi event in Rome (15 Dec. 2018).

The opera “Those flowers grown in the mud” is exhibited at the Civic Sciortino Gallery of Monreale (Palermo- Italy) – February 16/24, 2019.

Participation as a video exhibition at the Galleria Thuillier Gallery in Paris in June 2019 with my composition: Vamos a bailar a la casa roja.

Participation in the International City of New York Award, 21-24 October 2020, at the White Space Chelsea NY gallery with the composition: Dacci oggi il nostro pane quotidiano.

Merit Diploma Marc Chagall Award 2021 at La Chimera Lecce – May 2021. Participation with compositions: Mi vendo, Salve fisici, Salita al cielo.